Japan Budō International Federation – 日本武道国際連盟 ®

New age of All Japan Budo Association as JAPAN BUDO INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION

Japan Budō International Federation – 日本武道国際連盟 ®  is the legal successor of All Japan Budō Association – 全日本武道協会 NP O®.
JBIF is an international federation of all Japanese budo arts established to facilitate the needs of international Budoka looking for a voluntary, non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organization with the goals of continuing their education and training independently through Japan.

The Administrative office is located in Serbia (due to the location of the Acting President) with the Hombu dojo in Japan where is located JBIF President.

As an international certification headquarters for the Japanese martial arts, JBIF recommends meritorious, qualified and accredited individuals for lateral grade or promotion bygranting grades, awards and titles through validated testing, training and evaluation.

All certificates come from Japan.

A rich history of AJBA JBIF

Our first organization (All Japan Budo Association) had a
remarkable history and outstanding achievements.
Japan Budo International Federation represents a
new chapter in our work.
The accent in our work is placed on the
international level.
Our plan is to become TAFISA and SPORT ACCORD
members and to represent traditional
Japanese martial arts in these bodies.

International connectivity

Protection of Japanese Budo heritage and promotion through international association of organizations dealing with Japanese martial arts and Japanese culture.

Quality certification

We are trying to show respect to all our members and masters. All our masters have opportunity to be licensed and certified by our Shuseki Shihankai based in Japan.

Protection of Samurai martial heritage

JBIF will do the best in professional work to protect and share the Japanese culture and Samurai tradition.

Old way on modern approach is our goal

Japanese traditional martial arts

JBIF brings together all traditional Japanese martial arts that do not have representatives in international institutions.


JBIF Headquarters Staff


JBIF has its own special organizational structure. As an international organization, JBIF has people from different countries in leading positions.


Prof. Hideharu Ishii



Prof. Matsufune Asami


CEO- 最高経営責任者

Prof. Dr Mladen Burazerovic


Honorary Vice-Presidents – 名誉副会長

Prof. Dr Brett Mayfield DaiShihan

Mr. Dirk Klok  DaiShihan

Mr. Kenichi Saito  DaiShihan

Mr.  Syuken Hattori DaiShihan


Kamon with TRADITION

The JBIF logo is a stylized family crest of the Ishii family superimposed on the Japanese sun, symbolizing the 4 crossed trunks of a tree in terms of foundation and unity.

JBIF hereby pays respect to its first president, Mr. Ishii Sensei, and takes upon itself the tradition of this famous Budo family from Okayama, Japan.


The family coat of arms of the Ishii family, which received a special medal from the Emperor of Japan


As respect to Ishii Sensei as the first JBIF President, JBIF will use stylized family crest of the Ishii family superimposed on the Japanese sun.


We will follow the old ways of the samurai, giving the new budokas an example and model of how to respect the historical heritage in life, but also to build new ideas and ways on the foundations of the old ones.

On the foundations of AJBA, JBIF has been born

All Japan Budo Association (AJBA) was created in 2016. and 2024. after 8 years, has been reorganized into Japan Budo International Federation.

They said about us

Opinions of our leaders and friends

The most important thing for our AJBA is to foster cooperation and friedships to the whole world.

Because of that, it’s the most important to keep learning regularly while interucting with true martial artists in the surrounding area and in the SNS (Social Networking Service) beyond the martial arts you have studied.

And, I hope we can achieve a world of peace and mutual acceptance.

Prof. Hideharu Ishii


After many years of training in Japanese Budo it is an honor to support this great association. It’s high standards and it’s development of promoting quality in Japanese Budo, cultural heritage and friendship around the world is outstanding.

It’s great leadership around the world and Japan is exceptional.

Prof. dr Brett Mayfield DaiShihan

AJBA Honorary Vice-President

Prof. Dr Brett Mayfield


I have the pleasure and honor of being part of JBIF. In addition to Prof. Mladen, Prof. Ishii and Prof. Brett and all the masters of the group.

The pleasure of collaborating and exchanging martial technical knowledge is priceless. We will continue to carry forward the Martial work undertaken together.

Prof. Dr Giampaolo Antonini

President of Japan Budo Italian Federation

Contact us if you want to be part of JBIF organization and be recognized by us.