Each of our members as an organization can organize international budo seminars and invite all AJBA members of the organization to those seminars, but prior approval from the Headquarters is required.

In order for the seminar to be international, there must be a minimum of five participating countries.

International seminar – BUDOKAIGI 4

Belgrade – Serbia – 2022

Country participants
Total participants

Official AJBA international seminar with brand name BUDOKAIGI 4  held in Belgrade in Serbia 22.10.2022.
There were masters from the 5 countries and this seminar has been supported by JAPANESE EMBASSY in Serbia  and put on the list of official JAPANESE EVENTS in Serbia for celebration 140 years of mutual Japan-Serbian friendship.
Special guests on event:
– Mrs. Yuki Ikoma – First Secretary of Japanese Embassy in Serbia
– Vuk Rašović DaiShihan – IJF Judo Legend
– prof. Marko Vojvodić – Director of Sanitary-Medical College VISAN

Place: Belgrade, Serbia 
Date: 22.10.2022 
– prof. Mladen Burazerović Shihan 6.DAN (Serbia – President of AJBA)
– Dr Brett Mayfield DaiShihan 10.DAN (USA – Honorary Vice-President)
– prof. Miloš Jovanović Shidoin 4.DAN (Serbia – Representative of AJBA Serbia)
– Nico Waerts Shihan 7.DAN (Netherland)
– Dr Giampaolo Antonini 8.DAN (Italy)
– Michelangelo Di Puorto 7.DAN (Italy)
– Sanja Vračarević-Mitrović Shihan 7.DAN (Serbia)
– Gjuro Ilik Shihan 8.DAN (North Macedonia)
– Dušan Mitrović Shihan 5.DAN (Serbia)
– Milan Vujasin Shihan 7.DAN (Serbia)