All Japan Budō Association – 全日本武道協会 NPO®  is a international Budo association established to facilitate the needs of international Budoka looking for avoluntary, non-govemmental, non-political and non-profit organization with the goals of continuing their education and training independently through Japan.
The Administrative office is located in Serbia (due to the location of the President) with the Hombu dojo in Japan.
As an international certification headquarters for the Japanese martial arts, AJBA recommends meritorious, qualified and accredited individuals for lateral grade or promotion by granting grades, awards and titles through validated testing, training and evaluation. 

The All Japan Budo Association is an umbrella international organization that coordinates the work of branches in countries around the world.

All Japan Budo Association (AJBA) is based on friendship, respect, loyalty and honor. We are working together on promotion Japanese culture, samurai tradition and martial arts.
AJBA will work professional and strictly on promotion true values in Budo arts and Budo culture from Japan.
Our organization support true and hard work on research in Budo, also support all our members to be high educated with Faculty of Sports, Medicine and similarly.

For better future in all martial arts world we need to have educated and serious members.

Lets do our best to secure a better future for Budo.