Structure of Japan Budo International Federation

Japan Budo International Federation – 日本武道国際連盟 NPO®  is a international Budo federation established to facilitate the needs of international Budoka looking for a voluntary, non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organization with the goals of continuing their education and training independently through Japan.
The Administrative office is located in Serbia (due to the location of the CEO) with the Hombu dojo in Japan where is located JBIF President.

JBIFis officialy registered in Serbia by Serbian law by decision of ShusekiShihanKai board from Japan.


Japanese Budo tradition preserved for future generations.

日 本 武 道 国 際 連 盟

As any registered NPO organization, JBIF has his own structure based on JBIF Statute.

JBIF has the presidential board that governs the organization and positions are:

  • President of JBIF
  • CEO of JBIF
  • Vice-President of JBIF

JBIF has also special positions for:

  • Honorary Vice-President

JBIF has Representatives for every country member.