About our seminars

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All Japan Budo Association is an international organization based on non-competitive traditional martial arts of Japan and as such fosters the organization of national, regional, international and world seminars in the domain of Japanese budo arts and culture.


Each organization within the AJBA organization can organize Budo seminars at its local, regional or national level, which will be supported by the AJBA organization.

International seminars

Also, each of our members as an organization can organize international budo seminars and invite all AJBA members of the organization to those seminars, but prior approval from the headquarters is required.

In order for the seminar to be international, there must be a minimum of five participating countries.


The World AJBA Seminar can only be organized by that organization that has previously received the consent of the Headquarters, where, at the same time, a minimum of seven member countries will participate in the seminar, among which must be Japan and Serbia as the countries where the headquarters of the AJBA organization are located.